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Why pass the bank details when applying for a loan?


Online personal loan is a quick and practical way of getting extra money to meet your needs. Whether it is to take a trip, open your own business or even to clear debts and get out of the way, making this kind of loan has been a great option for many people.

However, when making your personal loan application online, you need to pay attention to some data requested by the financials. The information may change according to each company, however, some of them are common to all, such as RG, CPF and bank account data.

Yes, account details are very important for the analysis of your loan application. And for you to understand why, we will explain the reasons for requesting this information. That way, you’re more relaxed about reporting such sensitive data over the internet! Come on?

More security for you and the financial

The first reason the account data is requested is to ensure security for both the borrower and the borrower. This is because the data entered are crossed with those registered at the bank so that it is guaranteed that the account belongs to even the person who is applying for the loan.

This ensures that you do not end up in fraud, with a third party providing your data instead of your own, and assures the financial partner that the information you are reviewing is the same as who is applying for the loan.

Serves to carry out the credit analysis

It is important for the financial person to know that the data is the same as the requestor because this information is one of the most important when doing the credit analysis. A credit analysis is a very relevant step to tell you whether or not your request has been approved for the loan.

From an assessment of your account history, the financier will be able to see if you are a good payer and will be able to pay the amount of the installments according to the amount you borrowed.

In addition, account data adds up to your credit score, which is the financial market’s score to you according to your payment history and other information to represent your financial reputation.

We did not make any bank transactions

As stated earlier, we only use to verify and check your data to expedite the process of analyzing your request. We do not have access to your transaction authorization password nor are we allowed to make any bank transaction with the data of internet banking informed.

Avoid bureaucracy

By entering your bank details, we’ve been able to review your account history, so we do not need to ask you to send us a bank statement at the time of your request. This way, you get faster in the analysis of the request and we can remove the bureaucracies that you find in traditional institutions.

Extract data is safely stored

Extract data is safely stored

Finally, your account password data is not stored or disclosed and only serves the financial viewer of your transaction history. That way, your privacy is guaranteed and you can rest easy when providing your account details.

Of course, it is important to look for a serious and recognized bank or financial correspondent in the market. Search for your business name on Google before you apply for a loan. It is also interesting to check out what other people who have already taken out a personal loan with her found the service.

Loan consolidation: 4 things to know before applying!


Characteristics of the consolidation of loan

Characteristics of the consolidation of loan


For a person who has had to borrow several times and is therefore often forced to face relatively high monthly charges, the loan buy-back of a transaction that involves the consolidation of all such loans by an institution . As a result, once the transaction is completed, it has only one monthly payment and its monthly debt often becomes more bearable .

The solution is also interesting for someone who wants to increase their borrowing capacity, for example to make a rental investment in order to improve their future retirement . Given the prospects for pay-as-you-go pension plans, this specific benefit needs to be carefully assessed. However, you can also take advantage of the additional savings capacity that will result from the buyout of a loan by subscribing to a which also provides a tax benefit.

In addition, recourse to this solution is recommended if a person finds that it is difficult to repay punctually its loans and in particular if its monthly debt exceeds 33% of its income . Indeed, it is better to do this operation as soon as possible to avoid any worsening of the situation.

Finally, if the loans to be bought back include a home loan, the borrower can take advantage of the current level of rates that are very low . However, an additional cost must be provided if the duration of the loans is extended.

The conditions to be fulfilled for a loan surrender

The borrower or the couple of borrowers must have in the first place revenues reaching less than triple the monthly installments of the future loan . It is therefore necessary to start with a simulation using the calculators available on the Internet to check if this is the case. Indeed, the consolidation will be refused if this condition is not respected. To calculate the repayment capacity, the loan institution takes into account the rent if the applicant is a tenant and possibly other current expenses such as alimony to be paid to the former spouse. It also takes into account the total income of the applicant, namely his salary as well as any other income.

On the other hand, the consolidation of loan is granted in principle only to people who are not registered in the Banque de France’s personal loan incidents file and who are not subject to a ban. to issue checks . If the applicant is registered , he or she may have a great deal of trouble obtaining loan consolidation. In this case, it is in his interest to start by contacting an association for the help of the over- indebted people to know how his problem could be solved. But the transaction can only be considered if it has real estate on which a mortgage can be registered and if it can show that its future income will be sufficiently stable.

Finally, if a home loan is included in the loans bought back, the loan institution will require the subscription of a life insurance-incapacity for work . It will therefore be necessary to complete a health questionnaire and have a medical examination if the amount of the loan exceeds a threshold set by the insurer.

Debts that can be redeemed in connection with a loan surrender


A loan surrender can first include all types of bank loans , namely: personal loans, loans that have financed work or purchase a car, bank overdrafts , home loans and revolving loans. Given the fact that loans of this type are very expensive, it is advisable to redeem them to avoid over-indebtedness .

In addition, it is possible to include in a loan consolidation a debt that could not be paid on the due date for example due to illness or divorce .

Preparing a loan consolidation request


A person who wishes to redeem loans must start by preparing copies of all the following documents:

– his last three payslips (and possibly those of his spouse);

– statements of all his bank accounts for the last quarter preceding the application;

– amortization tables of all loans in repayment;

– his last three income tax notices;

– proof of address ;

– a copy of the act of purchase of his dwelling if he owns it .

After having prepared these documents, you must make a call for tenders with the loan agencies or use the website to benefit from the most advantageous conditions.

It may be wise to use a loan broker . Indeed, this professional will be able to examine the situation of the applicant and to present him the solutions which seem the best adapted to his case. On the other hand, brokers often obtain more advantageous terms than those offered to individuals who contact the banks directly.

Consolidate mortgage loan – reduce financial burden



In order to expand its client base, offers Russians loans on loans issued in other banking institutions. The proposal concerns consumer loans, mortgage loans, as well as combined consumer and housing loans. Consider how held in mortgage consolidation to citizens. Information will be of interest to borrowers who want to ease their obligations under the existing housing loan.

The revision of mortgage loan conditions allows customers to reduce the financial burden on loan payments

General Information Mortgage consolidation

General Information Mortgage consolidation

The borrower’s interest in consolidation is in his desire to lower payments due to a decrease in interest or an increase in the duration of payment. Pledge (purchased housing) remains the same. is also interested in consolidation “foreign” mortgage loans. He gains new customers for many years. At the same time, he risks less than the previous lender, since there is already information about the solvency of the borrower on previous payments.

Lending is carried out under the following conditions:

  • Borrowed funds are provided for full repayment on the security of a property with registered ownership or on the security of equity rights.
  • Money is issued in a single payment without commission.
  • The decision on the submitted application is made up to 10 days.
  • The applicant will be able to receive a minimum of 500 thousand rubles, or not less than 15% of the cost of a mortgage apartment.
  • Individuals can receive a maximum of 45 million rubles. For new buildings the maximum loan size will not exceed 80% of the value of the property, and for the secondary – 90%.
  • A new contract is executed for 3.5 – 30 years. The client may request an increase in the duration of the loan up to the maximum rate.
  • The loan is not granted if less than 3 years are left until the end of the contract (at the time of filing the application form).
  • The bank makes a requirement for compulsory insurance of mortgage housing, and in certain cases, the title. Personal insurance of the borrower is voluntary. If it was issued earlier, you can refuse it, and at the same time change the insurance company to a more profitable one.
  • Debt repayment is possible under an annuity or differentiated scheme, which makes mortgage consolidation in in 2019 especially attractive to borrowers.
  • The amount of the issued amount and the size of the rate affects the status of the applicant and the estimated value of the apartment purchased.

Who is supposed to consolidate the mortgage

For you, there are favorable offers on loans, loans and cards, very flexible conditions, we will help you to calculate the overpayment on the calculator – it will take no more than a minute. Want to try? Apply

In , not all citizens can count on consolidation mortgages from other banks. A positive response to the application may be received by applicants that meet a specific set of requirements:

  1. be a citizen of the Russian Federation and have registration on its territory;
  2. no negative CI;
  3. over 20 years old and at the time of debt repayment – no older than 55 years (for women) and 65 (for men);
  4. the presence of a stable income, while no more than 50-60% of its size should go to the monthly loan payment;
  5. total length of service is not less than a year, and at the last place of work – not less than 6 months.

The main parameters of the transaction, which are offered at the moment

If you have such parameters, the borrower can apply for the on-lending procedure.

Interest rates

The amount of interest depends on the status of the borrower, the amount claimed and the credibility of the documents submitted. The bank offers a minimum rate of 10.5%. But this is not the final value, surcharges are possible:

  • 1% – in the absence of personal insurance;
  • 1% – for the period of registration of the loan.

From February 8 to May 31, 2019, launched a campaign – a reduction in interest on consolidation mortgages from 9.7% for a period ranging from 1 year to 7 years.  This spring there is a special offer for a reduced percentage for a period of 1-7 years.

Application Terms

Individuals can apply in two ways:

  1. filling out a form with your data online at ;
  2. directly in the bank branch (you can additionally get advice on the procedure).

The decision on the application of the applicant takes from 1 to 10 days. The fastest considered questionnaires payroll clients.

Features of the requirements

In , in order to consolidate the mortgages of other banks, it is not enough for individuals to personally meet the requirements of the lender. The bank establishes specific requirements for the credited property:

  • home insurance with a preliminary report on its estimated value;
  • debt not less than 15% of the loan amount;
  • until the expiry of the contract must remain at least 3 years;
  • delay, penalties are not allowed;
  • Permission will be required from the first loan for on-lending.

Application procedure

The borrower provides the documents in this order:

  1. application form;
  2. passport;
  3. copy of employment record;
  4. certificate of income (2-NDFL, in the form of the bank, bank statement).

Signing a new contract is connected with the mandatory preparation of several packages of approved documents.

In addition to personal information, the paper provided for the apartment:

  1. title documents;
  2. confirmation of payment of a mortgage apartment;
  3. extract from the house book;
  4. technical certificate;
  5. appraisal of the apartment;
  6. Help with BTI.

Additional statements from the primary lender:

  • copy of the agreement;
  • certificate of debt balance.