Month: April 2019

Why pass the bank details when applying for a loan?

  Online personal loan is a quick and practical way of getting extra money to meet your needs. Whether it is to take a trip, open your own business or even to clear debts and get out of the way, making this kind of loan has been a great option for many people. However, when […]


Car Credit Rates: Online Comparator and Free Quotes

  What is the interest rate for a car loan? When you buy a consumer credit, it consists of: Capital, that is, the total sum borrowed; Interest, that is to say the amount that you ask the lender more, especially to pay for the service rendered. The interest rate is the amount paid by the […]


Loan consolidation: 4 things to know before applying!

  Characteristics of the consolidation of loan   For a person who has had to borrow several times and is therefore often forced to face relatively high monthly charges, the loan buy-back of a transaction that involves the consolidation of all such loans by an institution . As a result, once the transaction is completed, […]